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Lower Zambezi

A remote land located in Eastern Zambia, Lower Zambezi is famous for its vast and diverse Lower Zambezi National Park. While the park remains an untapped source of wilderness and scenic beauty, it is the perfect tourism spot for anyone looking for an adventure.

Zoo Africa will plan an ideal itinerary, tailor-made to fit your preferences so you have a memorable time visiting Lower Zambezi.


Renowned for its rich history, archaeological attractions, and the breathtaking Victoria Falls, Livingstone is located in southwestern Zambia. Tourists flock to Livingstone from across the world to witness the scenic beauty Victoria falls has to offer.

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The capital of Zambia, Lusaka offers tourists a look into the present metropolitan lifestyle and the rich history of Africa. Home to the famous Kabwata Cultural Village, Munda Wanga Environmental Park, and Kalimba Reptile Park, Lusaka is an ideal destination for someone who wants to experience the true African heritage and spend their vacations at 5-star luxury hotels.

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Located along the Copperbelt of Zambia, Ndola is known for its famous museum focused primarily on the mining history in Africa. The city is also home to the tragic reminiscence of slavery, a 19th Century mahogany tree that served as a meeting site for slave traders.

Staying in Ndola also allows you to have the perfect vacation experience of living in an urban city with amenities and comfort. Situated in the vicinity of the Kariba Dam, which is a popular tourist spot because of its scenic view.


Similar to Ndola, Kitwe is located in the Copperbelt province. Known for its charming local markets, water sport activities, Mindolo Dam, and Mwekera Falls, Kitwe is a popular tourist destination.

With quaint lodges, authentic food, and game viewing tourist activities, a trip to Kitwe is guaranteed to be a memorable one, especially when you travel with ZooAfrica.